bruce-office2Mr. Gardner is best known for his zealous advocacy for citizens accused of crimes.  He is well known throughout the state for his represenation of persons charged with capital murder.  In 1998, he gained an acquittal for Heather McGill who was charged with murdering her three children by setting fire to her residence.  This trial lasted three weeks and is the longest criminal jury trial in Madison County history.  In 2006, Mr. Gardner successfully argued the defense of Walter Lamont Perry in a four-day trial, gaining Mr. Perry an aquittal of the captial murder charges brought against him.  Mr. Gardner is also a frequent lecturer at death penalty training conferences.

Mr. Gardner has further achieved success in defending persons accused of sex crimes, particularly those involving offenses against children.  He has helped many persons under investigaton for such crimes successfully avoid prosecution.  He is a frequent lecturer at seminars on this topic, as well.

For Mr. Gardner, there is no crime too big or too small to defend.  Whether the case involves a homicide, a sex crime, a drug offense, a DUI or a speeding ticket, Mr. Gardner is here to help you successfully defend your case.